Better Nutrition More Tomorrows

Our Mission

To offer emergency hunger relief for adults living with Cystic Fibrosis in order to rebuild and sustain, their health and wellbeing.

In order to maximize each donation, CFRF staff is comprised of volunteers. This allows us to make sure that around 90% of donations go straight to patients in the form of the following services:

Nutritional Support

Our Nutrition Program provides recipients with $240 per month in grocery store gift cards to supplement their monthly food budget, up to $500 annually for sCF Certified Formula shakes and snack bars, and $200 annually for vitamins and dietary supplements.

Medical Supplies

Daily nebulizer treatments are simply a way of life for people living with Cystic Fibrosis, however, the required supplies are not fully covered by most health insurance policies. Our Medical Supplies program provides pu to $90 per year in nebulizer sets and other basic supplies for breathing treatments.

Travel Subsidies

Cystic Fibrosis patients must often travel to regional Cystic Fibrosis Clinics for treatments. When these trips become unaffordable, we provide qualified recipients with: $50 gift cards, parking subsidies, and hotel funds for up to seven trips annually.